Industrial IT lifecycle and master planning

This domain of expertise addresses the challenge of assessing objectively the impact of information technologies on the efficient operation of the enterprise in general, and more specificaly of its production system. It then addresses the implementation of an operational and dynamic planning for continuously adjusting the industrial IT resources (MES) to environement and strategy evolution. It supports the following action types:
  • Consolidate enterprise strategy definition and rodmap
  • Evaluate IT contribution to Enteprise Critical Success Factors
  • Develop KPIs to assess the actual IT efficiency with regards to CSFs
  • Define and implement processes to monitor IT support to strategy
  • Maintain the IT project porfolio, justify project investment with regards to:
    • Effective support to strategy
    • Short and long term benefits
    • Social, environmental and economic
  • Animate a dynamic master planning to supervise IT construction and deployement
  • Articulate the planning on Manufacturing Architecture in its structural and functional dimensions
Standards & Practices: